Prorated Rent: Everything You Need To Know


In this article: What is prorated rent? How to calculate prorated rent? Should landlords prorate rent? If you’re a landlord, you know that prorated rent can be a huge help to your tenants. By calculating the rent for a new tenant based on the number of days they will be occupying the property, you can…

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8 Rental Property Upgrades Under $500

Are you looking for affordable rental property upgrades to maximize your monthly income? Owning rental properties and being a landlord can be a challenging task. While earning passive income is always a good feeling, you need to make sure each rental unit stands out in a competitive market and fill the vacancy fast. Here are…

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6 Keys to Optimizing Investment Properties

Being a real estate investor may be one thing but being a landlord can use another set of skills that not everyone masters. You may be able to find great investment opportunities however, managing tenants, maintenance repairs, accounting reports are also challenging tasks which can eat into your profits. In this article, I wanted to highlight…

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