Property Management With An Investor Mindset

About Blackstone Group Leasing and Management

Blackstone Group Leasing and Management was formed in 2016 by three seasoned real estate investors in Rhode Island that have become property management experts by managing their own portfolios for years and decided to create a property management company with a distinctly unique approach. As a result, they built Blackstone to manage 3rd party client properties exactly as they do their own, applying the same successful model which had been refined over years and years of management experience.

Focusing on Property Management

Firstly, there is a key differentiator at Blackstone. They would not represent buyers or sellers of real estate transactions. Therefore, there would be no conflict of interest in pursuing commissions over investors' goals.  As a result, they avoid one of the most common pitfalls: putting company needs before the client's needs.

As a result, their focus stays waveringly on being real experts in property management & leasing.  By doing so, it allows Blackstone to partner with true real estate agents who are experts in their field, further adding value for their clients.

Property Management with an Investor Mindset

Better investors make for better clients.  Firstly, Blackstone built its foundation on educating, informing and providing guidance to their real estate investor clients. Secondly, their firm belief is to provide their clients as much value as possible, wherever possible. This approach allows our clients to make better-informed decisions about their real estate investments.  By consulting with clients to truly understand their goals, Blackstone is able to partner with them in ways that allow real growth.  Whether the client wants to grow their portfolio or optimize their existing properties, the focus on partnership makes this all possible.


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