Prorated Rent: Everything You Need To Know


In this article: What is prorated rent? How to calculate prorated rent? Should landlords prorate rent? If you’re a landlord, you know that prorated rent can be a huge help to your tenants. By calculating the rent for a new tenant based on the number of days they will be occupying the property, you can…

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3 Common Fire Hazards Around Thanksgiving Dinner

While Thanksgiving dinner is the most celebrated Holidays in the US, the numbers of home cooking fires triples on this festive day, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). It is easy to get distracted while cooking Thanksgiving Dinner and entertaining your guests at the same time. In this article we discuss the 3…

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3 Common Mistakes Made By Landlords When Screening Tenants

Screening tenants is a very important step when you are looking to rent your property.  It should be handled diligently by landlords because a bad tenant can not only damage your property but negatively impact your cash flow. In addition, having to deal with evictions and legal services is frustrating, time-consuming and costly. Most evictions…

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3 Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Property Manager

hiring a property manager

When you own multiple investment properties, hiring a property manager with extensive expertise and knowledge of managing rentals can add value to your portfolio. In this post, we’ll cover three questions you should ask when contacting a property management company. Question 1 – How many investment properties do you own yourself? Hiring a property manager…

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