Providing Coronavirus resources to help our community in Rhode Island and Massachusetts navigate through these financial hardships.

As America is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses are forced to shut down nationwide. This is impacting millions of workers and putting financial stress on many families.

As a property management company, we want to help our tenants who may have been financially impacted by the current crisis. In an effort to provide help and guidance to our tenants and the local community, we will continue to provide information in the job sectors, government resources, state and federal assistance.

As the COVID19 situation continues to develop, we will continue to update this page.

Housing Help for Rhode Islanders

What You Need To Know

An announcement from Gov. Gina Raimondo to assist Rhode Islanders experiencing difficulties paying their rent. A new program is now available.

"I am proud to announce that $1.5 million in emergency rental assistance available to low-income renters who have been impacted by the COVID-19 emergency and are at immediate risk of homelessnessThose who qualify can receive a grant of up to $5,000 to support past due rent payments and other fees. It's important to emphasize that this is for people who are already behind on their rent due as a result of COVID-19. It's my hope that this fund will allow us to alleviate the burden of the low-income workers who have been hit hardest by this crisis.

Starting today, you can go to to view the requirements and apply. If you don’t have consistent access to the internet and have questions about the application process, you can call the United Way at 211 for more help." - Gov. Gina Raimondo

A new announcement from Gov. Gina Raimondo to assist Rhode Islanders experiencing difficulties paying their rent. A new program is now available.

"Rental Assistance: A few weeks ago, I announced $1.5 million for a fund that has supported hundreds of families repay their owed rent, but we know the need is even greater. Today, I’m announcing an additional $5 million for the emergency rental assistance fund. This money is available to low-income renters who have been impacted by the COVID-19 emergency and are at immediate risk of homelessness. Those who qualify can receive a grant of up to $5,000 to support past due rent payments and other fees. Go to to view requirements and apply, or call 211 and they’ll help you.

Income Eligibility – HousingHelp RI

Eligible Uses

Households may receive a grant of up to $5,000 to use for any combination of the following eligible housing expenditures:

  • Past due rent payments;
  • Late fees on a rental account; or
  • Moving costs associated with relocation.

Due to federal restrictions, funding may not be used for future rent payments at this time. Payment will be made directly to third-party entities such as a landlord, property manager, or moving company.

Additional Programs Providing Assistance

One Fair Wage

 Restaurants Care

 National Domestic Workers Alliance

 Resident Relief Foundation

How To Apply For Unemployment in RI & MA

The state of Rhode Island and the state of Massachusetts are taking steps to provide financial assistance by those who suffer a loss of income from the effects of the Coronavirus.

To learn what unemployment benefits are available as a result of business closures, click the following the state that applies to you:

CARES Act - An Extra $600 for Unemployment

Gover Gina Raimondo outlined current and future unemployment benefits available to Rhode Islanders, adding that people currently collecting Unemployment Insurance should expect to see an additional $600 added to benefit checks next week Apr 13, 2020), as emergency federal funding starts to be disbursed.

“If you’re out of work, you can collect unemployment in one way or another,” Raimondo said. “Starting next week, there will be $600 more in your check.”

Watch the announcement from Gina Raimondo

Top Financial Resources For Tenants

We are concerned about the tenants' safety, health, and financial well-being. Many of them have been impacted by the loss of a job and revenue. In an effort to providing continued support to our community, we want to guide our tenants to the different organizations that have mobilized funds and assistance to help people navigate through these financial hardships.

Here is a list of organizations that are ready to help:

Hiring Opportunities in Rhode Island & SE Mass.

Updated Oct 14, 2020

While the economy in Rhode Island is starting to get back to normal, many jobs have been eliminated and may not come back. Below is a list of the most updated hiring opportunities we found in Rhode Island and want to share with our community.

Market Basket is hosting a Job Fair on October 30th, 2020 in New Bedford, MA

The newest location of the grocery store is looking for candidates that are eager to join their team as an apprentice, meat cutter, or entry-level clerk. Full-time and Part-time available

When:  Friday, October 30th, 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Where: 122 Sawyer Street
New Bedford, MA 02476
Market's Cafe Area

Who:  Full-Time or Part-Time
Apprentice, Meat Cutter,
or Entry-Level Clerk

Click Here to Apply 

App to Help You Find Temp Job in 24hrs

In an article from FOXBusiness, we learned about an App called MyWorckChoice to get temp work in 24 Hours. The App connects job seekers to companies currently hiring and get new employees trained for work in as little as twenty-four hours.

Click here to connect with MyWorkChoice.

Infosys has been an excellent partner to Rhode Island throughout the pandemic, even creating the CRUSH COVID app at no cost to Rhode Islanders. And the jobs Infosys is creating are exactly the types of jobs we need in the new economy – digital and tech jobs, jobs that can be done remotely, and jobs that don’t all require prior experience or a college degree

Explore Jobs Opportunity in RI with Infosys

Become a Substitute Teacher in Rhode Island

Ensuring that RI schools have the number of high-quality substitute teachers they need has been a major focus of the Department of Education over the past several months. They’ve developed a free program with the Highlander Institute to provide training for Rhode Islanders to start as substitute teachers this fall for in-person and virtual teaching.


Candidates who successfully complete this course will be included on a hiring list that will be shared across the state. The substitute rates set by districts range from $90 to $150 a day.

If you’re interested in being a substitute teacher this year, you can go to for information on these opportunities.

Amazon Jobs in Rhode Island and South Coast Massachusetts.

With the increased demand of people ordering cleaning supplies, groceries, and other essential items on, the company is now hiring for:

  • Warehouse Jobs
  • Shoppers’ Jobs.

The warehouse jobs have different positions to offer. A warehouse team member can work in the fulfillment centers which consists of packing and shipping orders. Other employees can work in the sort centers to sort out packages between delivery trucks and ensure that Amazon meets the required delivery time.

Shopper Jobs work at Whole Foods stores and are hired to fulfill orders from Prime Now which is Amazon’s same-day delivery service. These shoppers' responsibilities are to locate and select items and package them for delivery.

Amazon does not require a resume or previous work experience. Candidates must be 18 or older to apply. Pay starts at $15/hr with a possible $2/hr bonus through Apr 30, 2020.

Domino's Pizza

The giant pizza chain has announced that it is planning to hire up to 10,000 workers. These positions include:

  • Pizza Makers
  • Delivery Experts
  • Customer Service Representatives

How to apply?

Check the Domino’s Pizza career page to see the latest jobs opportunities


Walmart is planning to hire 150,000 new employees through the end of May. While these jobs are only going to be temporary opportunities, the world’s largest retailer is planning to convert many of them to permanent positions.  Walmart has seen a strong demand in the stores with people purchasing items online during the coronavirus outbreak.

The normal 14-day hiring process will be reduced from two-week to 24 hours to expedite the hiring process of cashiers and stockers.

How to apply?

All jobs will be posted on


The beverage company has announced the creation of 6,000 new full-time jobs nationwide in the coming months. Their company is Cranston, RI has started posting job opportunities for:

  • Merchandiser
  • Quality Control Supervisor
  • Machine operator

How to apply?

Check the link below to see the job opportunities.

Pepsi Co Jobs in Cranston, RI

Senate Approves Significant Stimulus Package

What You Need To Know

The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), provides a detailed summary of what you need to know about the proposed stimulus package.

The United States Senate has unanimously approved a $2 trillion economic stimulus package in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill will be sent to the House for consideration. It is expected to receive quick consideration and approval. President Trump has indicated he will sign the bill.

Read the Summary Here

Free, Rapid COVID-19 Testing Now Available in Rhode Island

What You Need To Know

  • CVS Health launches free, rapid testing in Rhode Island using Abbott Laboratories.
  • No Referal necessary but you must pre-qualify
  • Eligible patients must meet CDC and state guidelines
  • Patients must pre-register online to schedule a same day testing time slot
  • Click here to check if you pre-qualify for Free, Rapid COVID-19 Testing in RI
  • CVS hopes to perform up to 1000 tests per day
  • The drive-thru site is located at  Twin River Casino (100 Twin River Road, Lincoln, RI, 02865) in Rhode Island

National Grid Offers Programs To Help Pay Bills

What You Need To Know:

If you are having difficulties paying for your energy bills, National Grid is now offering different programs to renters in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Renters must meet the income eligibility to qualify for the program.

Find all the information about National Grid Programs Here

Please visit the Rhode Island Department of Health’s dedicated web page, or call the RIDOH dedicated COVID-19 info line at 401-222-8022 for more information on COVID-19.

As a local business and member of your community,  we want to provide as much guidance and help you navigate through this time of uncertainty.

If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact us directly or (401)-223-2838. We will do our best to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

Stay well, stay healthy

The Blackstone Group Leasing & Management Team